Wild Sheep Hunting

Dozens of hunters each year pursue the ” Grand Slam” of Wild sheep hunting. We have clients pursuing their final sheep with us to earn the grand slam and we have other clients just getting started. 

The ” grand slam” of wild sheep hunting is one of most prestigious awards in worldwide big game hunting circles. Why?   Because you earn them!  High mountain wild sheep hunting is a mental and physical game. Some people can’t hack it. Some people live for it and some can’t get enough of it. For a big game trophy hunter there are few achievements and satisfaction greater than harvesting a wild sheep after working hard for it. It’s a lifetime achievement.

At Riata, our success over the years is the result of 15+ year relationships with the finest & most successful guides in the business. To be successful taking high end sheep you have to be in a good area with alot of sheep and have a plan based on the weather and what has worked in the past and knowing what the sheep in your area do every year at this time.