Mule Deer Hunting

Riata offers mule deer hunts in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Alberta Canada and Sonora Mexico.

Mule deer hunting in Texas has often been overlooked. This has been a “best kept secret,” but is emerging on a national level. Hunters in search of big mule deer on large, free ranging acreages are hungry for trophy quality mule deer. Big mule deer are currently the hardest trophy species  to find in North America.

Mule deer are on the decline in many western states, but remain on the increase in west Texas. Texas Mule Deer trophy quality and game management practices continue to improve.

With increased rainfall, better water management, and supplemental feeding, the mountains of West Texas and North Texas plains are emerging as a “honey hole” for big muleys.

Texas is estimated to be home to over 250,000 mule deer and is fast becoming a key destination for hunters in search of 155- 200+ class deer at affordable prices. Mature bucks can weigh in the 190-220 pound range in West Texas and up to 300 pounds in the Panhandle. West Texas antler widths average 24″ – 28″ or greater and 26”-33’ in the panhandle.

These hunts are in great demand and openings are very limited, be sure to book early!

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