Arctic Muskox

Hunt this survivor of the Ice Age, with Inuit guides, the people who have hunted musk-ox forever. For several years our outfitters clients have filled the top spots and most
of the top ten in all four record books. This achievement has
never been equaled in any record system by any outfitter.

Kugluktuk is the easiest and the best community north of the Arctic Circle engaged in the hunting of Musk-ox and Grizzly Bear. It is reachable from any point in the USA overnight. It has no commercial slaughterhouse taking thousands of animals out of the herd each year. It has a six day a week air service along with two hotels.

How to Get There:

Edmonton, Alberta is serviced by most major airlines daily. An overnight will be required in Edmonton prior to early morning flight to Kugluktuk, Nunavut. Riata will assist in booking all flights. Once in Kugluktuk, your hunt will begin the same day (weather allowing).

Hunting Conditions:

This is the classic Arctic Hunt, snowmobile travel, camping out with your Inuit guides in the top trophy areas. This is a 5 day hunt, guided 1×1, and occurs during late March and early April. Arctic conditions apply with temperatures from -25F (-30C) to +10F (-15C). Not much walking occurs, so be prepared with very warm winter boots.

Hunting Methods:

These hunts are conducted by travelling in a comfortable, open wood sled pulled by your guide and snowmobile. Two hunters with two guides will travel and hunt together. Rifles or Bows are both regularly used. Your hunt is concluded after harvesting your trophy.

Trophy Shipment:

It is highly recommended that you have your trophies shipped to you after the hunt. We will assist with this process and make sure that the trophies get to you or your taxidermist in a timely matter. The Musk-Ox will be skinned by your guide on the spot then frozen. In order to get your hide and skull across the border it must be salted and dried and the skull must be totally cleaned. Also, most of the time the airlines will not accept the package as luggage because of the size and weight and they will require it to go as cargo.

The approx. cost to have it shipped to Edmonton and have it fleshed, salted, and dried and to clean the skull is as follows:

  • $150.00 Shipping from Kugluktuk
  • $550.00 Fleshing, salting and drying of the hide
  • $250.00 Skull cleaning
  • $200.00 for the crate which can handle up to 2 Musk-Ox
  • $200.00 for shipping to your final destination *subject to change


  • Call for rates!
  • $425.00 USD Federal tax
  • $3500.00 USD Deposit required for each hunter
    • $820.00CDN Licenses for Musk-Ox and wolf (Hunt is over once the Musk-Ox is harvested) Paid for upon arrival in Kugluktuk.
    • $820.00CDN Licenses for Musk-Ox and wolf (Hunt is over once the Musk-Ox is harvested) Paid for upon arrival in Kugluktuk.
    • $210.00USD Optional Arctic Parka and Pants rental (paid at final billing time)
    • $150.00USD Each night stay in Edmonton per room (paid at the hotel with credit card)
    • $1,500.00USD Flight from Edmonton to Kugluktuk and return, Credit card needed to book these flights.
    • $1,000.00USD shipping and taxidermist work done in Edmonton prior to shipping toyour home destination. (Hides are salted and dried/Skulls are boiled and cleaned)


These are the Edmonton, Alberta to Kugluktuk, Nunavut and return days. One overnight is need in Edmonton the night before and one overnight is also need on the return date. We have 4 hunters usually in one group. They will split them up and hunt 2 hunters and 2 guides together. DATES – mid March to mid April. Dates are structured so that you arrive in Kugluktuk on a Monday and depart for home on Sunday. An overnight in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is normally required on the way in and on the way out. These are NOT big volume motel hunts. They are individual 1×1 guided hunts with the Inuit who live here. You will be teamed up with another hunter and his guide while hunting.


  • Pick up at Kugluktuk Airport, transfers in town
  • Licenses arranged, introductions and instructions
  • Use of equipment, Arctic sleeping bag Included
  • Professional Guide, fully equipped for Arctic travel
  • Food while hunting
  • Trophy care – skinning and freezing
  • Return to Airport
  • Competent communications and management
  • Trophy handling in Kugluktuk
  • Cost Does Not Include:
    • Airfares
    • Meals and Hotel in the community
    • License and Taxes (5%)

The license and trophy fees include Federal Tax and are subject to change by theNunavut Government. License and Trophy Fees are payable in cash upon arrival and departure in KugluktukA $3500 deposit is required to reserve space, balance collected 60 days in advance of trip. Contract issued to all participants, containing usual information. Lists of what to bring, travel and all other pertinent information is supplied upon booking. Deposits and balances are non-refundable, but can be transferred if a suitable replacement is found. Licenses and taxes are

Current Entries

  • The P&Y World Record +the top 6 entries!
  • The SCI World Record + 9 out of the top 10 entries!
  • The B&C World Record + 4 out of the top 5 entries! Controlled by Government and subject to change.

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