Land, Ranch & Wildlife Consulting

Do you own a ranch? Interested in maximizing your income on the ranch without depredating the quality of wildlife? We have operated one of the largest commercial hunting programs in the U.S: our operation was the 4th largest hunting company in America. Services include: 

  • Securing hunting leases
  • Securing guides and cooks
  • Operations of running hunts
  • Safety
  • Securing and maintaining good client relationships
  • Aging and scoring deer on the hoof
  • Photos
  • Taxidermy and processing preps
  • Herd management (supplemental feeding, culling, and game counts.)

From leasing to seasonal hunters or corporations, to running a guided hunting operation, let us teach you what we have learned. We will assess what you are currently doing and where you need to go. We charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly consulting fees to access our knowledge and expertise. Call us today to consult.

Oil, Gas & Wind Energy Consulting

If your energy company is pursuing mineral leases in the Eagle-Ford shale or other areas of Texas, let us consult with you on our landowner contacts, knowledge, records and areas of interest. We introduce you to our landowner contacts  and help you secure a mineral lease agreement that compliments both parties. If you are a landowner and are considering pursuing a mineral lease on your ranch, we have the knowledge, expertise, resources, and contacts to help you explore the energy on your property. We have access to some of the best mineral attorneys, advisors and energy companies in the business. We charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly consulting fees for our knowledge and experience.

Texas Ranch Real Estate

Own the Lifestyle. Live the Dream.

Dreaming of owning a Texas ranch? We are lifelong hunters and our employees have had the pleasure of owning Texas ranches. We can help you assess your ranches wildlife resources and potential. We know agricultural lenders, real estate lawyers, ranch brokers and a host of resources to introduce to you.
Thinking of selling your ranch? We have a host of recreational buyers who love hunting and may have an interest in owning a Texas ranch. We can put the buyer and seller together and open up the discussions. Call us today at 512.261.2400, or email [email protected], for a consultation. We charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly consulting fees to help both buyers and sellers.