New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND north and south island hunting for Red Stag up to 600SCI, Chamois, Tahr & 10 other species, including but not limited to: Sanbar, Rusa, Fallow, Wild Goat, Sika, fishing & others


Alpine Hunting Concession

This vast private ranch covers 5000 acres of the picturesque Rangitikei high country in the North Island.  Hunt with us through a breath- taking landscape of rolling hills, native bush and mountainous ridges. Where abundant herds of red stag and sika openly roam together in their natural habitat, free of paddocks and fencing.

Their exclusive fleet of Cessna, helicopter and 4WDrive transport enables hunters to spot and stalk on foot and from the air. And they hold the current World Records for rifle, muzzle loader and bow, along with a long list of impressive red stag trophies. Professional guides have been handpicked for their hunting expertise and friendly personalities.  Your non-hunting partner will feel right at home in our comfortable lodge. We can custom-design a wide range of packages, including the pinnacle of North and South Island hunts; the South Pacific 8 featuring red stag, tahr, chamois, rusa, sika, fallow, rams and goats. This amazing dual-island combo is only available through us in New Zealand.

Red Stag package
4 nights accommodation & red stag

SCI 325 – 350US $5,000
SCI 350 – 375US $7,500
SCI 375 – 400US $10,000
SCI 400 – 425US $12,500
SCI 425 – 450 US $15,000

Red Stag, Chamois & Tahr packages
7 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag, tahr, chamois and ALL helicopter time

SCI 325 – 350 Stag US $14,750
SCI 350 – 375 StagUS $17,250
SCI 375 – 400 StagUS $19,750
SCI 400 – 425 StagUS $22,250
SCI 425 – 450 StagUS $24,750

Red Stag & Tahr packages
7 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag, tahr and ALL helicopter time

SCI 325 – 350US $11,750
SCI 350 – 375US $14,250

5 Species North Island package
6 nights accommodation, red stag (up to SCI 350), sika (up to SCI 140), fallow (representative), ram, goat

SCI 325 – 350 StagUS $13,500
SCI 350 – 375 StagUS $16,000

South Pacific 8 Package (SCI Continental Award)
10 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag (SCI 350-375), tahr, chamois, sika (up to SCI 140), rusa, fallow, ram, goat and ALL Helicopter time

SCI Award application fee includedUS $30,000
Alpine Hunting Pro-hunter shirt included 
Hunts throughout May – July only

Trophy fees for additional species

Sika to SCI 140 US $3,500
Sika SCI 140 – 150 US $5,000
Sika SCI 150+ POA
Fallow                                                  fromUS $3,500
Wapiti (Elk)fromUS $7,500
Sambar US $12,000
RusaUS $5,500
GoatUS $1,000
Arapawa RamUS $850
Chamois & Tahr (Inc. Helicopter)US $10,500
Tahr only (Inc. Helicopter)US $6,750
Possums (per person)US $350

Non-hunter rates

Daily rateUS $195
Round trip flight South IslandUS $500
Day tours & sightseeing from the lodgeUS $100 pp
Accompanying hunter in helicopter No charge

Add ons – Conditions apply

Extra day – One hunter US $450  
Extra day – Two hunters       eachUS $350
Full Tour Itinerary Booking Fee US $300
Rifle hire US $100

Wanganui Hunt Concession 

Our New Zealand outfitter is located in New Zealand’s spectacular, remote Whanganui River Valley. Surrounded by 250,000 acres of lush forest and breathtaking views of the Ruapehu volcano, he provides the free-range hunt of a lifetime.

His clients currently hold four SCI #1 trophies and have taken over 350 gold medal stags. Non-hunting companions are always welcome. They will receive personalized attention and can enjoy everything from gold medal sight-seeing to shopping and river boat trips. The lodge has a world-class chef. It is family owned and has been operating for five generations.

By day you will hunt big red stags, chamois and tahr , sika, fallow, arapawa sheep, wild goat, and boar.  By night you will enjoy gourmet meals, New Zealand wines, and superb lodge accommodations surrounded by this amazing natural setting.



Red Stag Scoring 310 – 350 SCI – Four Days

  • All guiding, licenses, and medal fees
  • Red stag trophy fee
  • Small game hunting at no charge
  • Four days of accommodation and meals
  • Alcohol, internal airfares and expediting costs are not included in package prices

Red Stag Scoring 310 – 350 SCI plus one Tahr and one Chamois.

  • All guiding, licenses, and medal fees
  • Seven days of accommodation and meals
  • Pick up and return to Wanganui and Queenstown airports
  • Small game hunting is no charge
  • Alcohol, internal airfares and expediting costs are not included in package price
  • Not including helicopter time

Red Stag Scoring 350- 600 SCI plus one Tahr and one Chamois. All the above included. Call for rates.

Tour Guide

Cost per day plus expenses.

Trophy Quality

If hunting red stag, it will be the responsibility of the guide to judge the stags score correctly. If a taken stag scores higher than estimated by the guide, the client will not be required to pay additional trophy fees. All prices include the New Zealand government 12.5% goods and services tax. All costs quoted in US dollars.


The lodge offers visitors the highest quality conditions in relaxed and peaceful surroundings. Outstanding views over the New Zealand bush with the real privacy that only isolation can bring. While you rest between hunts, you can enjoy the finest of New Zealand’s wine and food.

Best Time To Hunt

The best time to hunt red stag is during the rut between March and May. The best time to hunt alpine trophies is May till July, when they are in rut and prime winter coat.

Best Trophies

New Zealand has the best red stag and tahr hunting in the world. Chamois hunting is excellent. Sika deer are excellent.


Our outfitter has been in the hunting business for 18 years and has an extensive reference list that we are happy to supply upon request.

Bird Shooting

During the season we offer Canadian geese, grey duck, black swan, and our own native paradise shell duck. Season usually runs from the first weekend in May.

Small Game Hunting

We have excellent areas for nighttime spot lighting of possums and rabbits. Wallaby shooting is also great fun and challenging. This is included in your hunt.

Bow and Black Powder

Our areas offer excellent hunting opportunities for bow and black powder hunters. We have an extensive reference list of previous hunters and all of our guides are excellent bow hunters themselves. The operator was awarded the International Bow Hunting Outfitter of the Year in 1998.


Remember, New Zealand’s seasons are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere. Clothing should be appropriate for cool to cold conditions, which may include rain and snow. Boots must have good rubber tread with deep cleats, and preferably be waterproof.


North Island – March high 77F, July low 38F

South Island – March high 81F, July low 26F


Our preference is to expedite all trophies. However we can arrange taxidermy if required. Cost of expediting crating and documentation is for shoulder mount and 100 USD life-size. We guarantee to ship within 90 days.


Gun permits are easily obtained at Auckland airport upon arrival. Recommended firearms are 300 or 7mm. No pistols are allowed in New Zealand.


Clients should ensure they have current medical and travel insurance.


No visas are required for New Zealand for American citizens. However visas are needed for residents of Mexico. Please also remember if traveling into Australia a visa is required.


No vaccinations are required.

Getting there

Fly LA or San Francisco to Auckland. Then catch an Air New Zealand flight to Wanganui Airport, NZ where you will be met by the outfitter. Air New Zealand website:

No Snakes

There are no snakes in New Zealand.


New Zealand is renowned as having the best trout fishing in the world. Catch brown and rainbow in the lakes and mountain streams. For serious fishermen, consider heli-fish safaris.

Other Activities

We can arrange all extra activities for you during your stay. You can participate in jet boating, rafting, bungee jumping, horse treks, alpine train rides, gold medal shopping and touring.