Here are some testimonials from our clients:

“We run an outfitting service on several very large ranches in New Mexico for elk, mule deer, cougar, bear, and antelope. We trust that Riata represents our ranches and the quality of our wildlife accurately so clients have the proper expectations of trophy quality when they arrive here. Riata does that.”

Bridger Petrini
Tri-State Outfitters, Raton, New Mexico

“Mike put me on a great Brown Bear in Alaska on the last trip. Next up, a Moose or Mule deer or maybe a Dall Sheep!”

Robert Epps
Client, Riata Hunting, Texas

“The consultants at Riata Hunting have sent us some great groups and represent our hunting truthfully, honestly, and accurately. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Marcelo Sodiro
Outfitter, Sante Fe, Argentina

“I have employed the services of several good hunting consultants over the past 25 years and been fortunate enough to hunt all over the worlds. When I decided to take a group of great friends and clients to Argentina recently, I went with Mike and Riata. I has made numerous trips to Argentina wingshooting with several lodges. This was the best hunt and lodge I have been-bar none. We shot hundreds of ducks, thousands of Doves and Pigeons, and hunted perdiz over dogs – and never left the ranch! Fantastic trip. I have trips coming up with Mike on cougar and Utah mule deer, and I suspect I will get the same results!”

Dennis Greensage
Client, Riata Hunting, Texas

“For the past couple of years Mike and Riata have been a major player to my business. From elk, mule deer, cougar, and bear, every season booking clients from around the country and providing me with excellent service year after year. Their level of professionalism and follow-through makes them a pleasure to work with. The clients they book to hunt with us are well informed and well taken care of. Riata is one of the most reliable booking agencies we know. They handle every detail with honesty and integrity.”

Wade Lemon
Outfitter, Utah

“I took a beautiful 226BC Whitetail with Mike and Riata recently. It placed #1 in Texas as a deer not having been raised in a breeding environment, raised as a wild deer. If you like big Whitetails – call Riata!”

Chuck Green
Client, Riata Hunting, Texas

“The experience that Mike offers his clients just cannot be equalled. He is sone of the most experienced consultants in the industry that I know, which is precisely why I have hunted with him and take a very nice African lion and plains game, and a huge Whitetail over 200 inches in 2010. Because of his first-hand hunting knowledge and experience, he is able to inform a prospective client just how it actually is. If a hunter wants to ensure their dollars are well spent on the hunt of their dreams, they should book with Riata Hunting.”

Max Taylor
Client, Riata Hunting, Georgia

“Mike and I have worked together with clients coming to our camp in northwest British Columbia for Moose, bear, and caribou. I value Mike’s honesty above all else. It is important to me that clients arrive well informed of our cold and wet conditions here in BC. They have to be very prepared for what to expect. Mike’s level of experience across all types of hunts makes him very familiar with our hunting, and the clients he books are always fully prepared for our camps., physically and mentally I am looking forward to working with Mike for many years to come.”

Mike Kabanuk
Outfitter, Cassier Stone Outfitting, British Columbia

“Alaska is a tough area. Cold, bugs, remote and wet but with some of the finest big game hunting in the world. Riata’s clients show up well informed, educated, and prepared for our area of bear, sheep, moose and caribou.”

Mike Litzen
Outfitter, Kenai, Alaska

“I had never hunted with Riata. I called and consulted on a Utah mountain lion. After discussing the hunt, I booked the trip. To say it was a good trip is an understatement. I took a great Lion, and am now headed to Alaska for a brown bear with Riata. Professional, courteous, honesty, integrity, and knowledge…”

Dave Fisher
Client, Riata Hunting, New York

“Riata has done an exceptional job for us on scheduling their client hunts, getting them the proper information, paperwork, and trophy quality expectations. In free range hunting its important trophy quality is represented correctly. Mike and the folks at Riata do that. We look forward to continued success together.”

Aaron Nielson
Outfitter and professional hunter, Global Hunting Network, Littleton, Colorado

“Riata handled every aspect of my recent hunting trip to New Zealand without a hitch. This was a very important trip for my son and I. From the quality of game, to the lodge, the staff, and detail of the paperwork everything went very smoothly. We took 2 beautiful Red Stags, tahr, chamois, rusa deer, and several other species. It was a fantastic experience!”

John Stegeman
Client, Riata Hunting, Georgia

“I have hunted and worked with Mike for over 10 years and taken a Yukon moose and a whitetail over 200 inches. He is extremely knowledgeable about big game, winghsooting, and hunting in general, and handles a lot of traveling hunters. He is honest, trustworthy, and very detailed oriented. He always puts me with the very best outfitters, by species, for the highest quality of wildlife.”

Chad Hughey
Client, Riata Hunting, Alabama

“Mike Gardner and Riata Hunting has exclusively booked hunting trips for me from hunting lion and buffalo in Africa, to quail over dogs on one of the finest ranches in south Texas. I’m headed to Utah next for giant mule deer, and maybe a big elk. On each trip, I have been 100% satisfied. All outfitters and accommodations across the board have been excellent.

“Mike has done a great job of selecting the location, outfitter and timing for all my trips. He has exceeded all my expectations of a professional hunting consultant. I would highly recommend him.”

Eddie Thornton
Client, Riata Hunting, Texas