We’ve been outfitting hunts in Mexico for over 20 years. This vast, ecologically diverse country offers mountain ranges, living deserts, coastlines, forests, rainforests, ranch and farmland. Within its borders it offers the traveling sportsman access to worldclass whitetail, bighorn
sheep, mule deer, Coues deer , turkey, and some of the worlds finest wingshooting for duck, dove & quail.
It’s bays offer some of the worlds finest flats fishing for tarpon & bonefish, and offshore fishing for some of the worlds greatest records for marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna and others. Below is a sample of some of our offerings. Call us today to consult on the finest trips México has to offer!

Sonora Desert Trophy Mule Deer & Couses Deer. Hunting – Dec/Jan

The largest Mule Deer in the world! Riata is one of the largest and most reputable outfitters and booking agents in Sonora. Our staff has been outfitting in Sonora since the mid 90’s. We offer 5 well managed ranches and lodges in Sonora, Mexico totaling 960,000 private acres for trophy Mule Deer and Coues Deer, and desert Bighorn Sheep. The desert mule deer hunting in Sonora, Mexico is the best in the world if you hunt with the right outfitter. Our outfitter partners are established, credible Sonoran landowners.

The ranches are big and privately owned. They experience minimal to moderate hunting pressure. They are managed for trophy class Mule Deer, Couses Deer, and Bighorn Sheep. Water management, grazing management, and no young bucks are killed intentionally. Depending on the geographic area of Sonora there are “pockets” of higher and lower deer densities. Lower deer density areas does not mean we do not harvest big deer there. Areas are located in multiple “pockets” giving the client the ability to see from, on the average, 6-30 bucks in a day. It is not uncommon to go into an area to hunt on a certain day that consists of a 20,000+ acre section or ranch. The advantages to hunting Sonora are the moderate climate, private ranches, relatively flat to rolling, sandy country and moderately rocky terrain and the ability to hunt using various methods. Clients can follow the track of a heavy buck with their guide until they catch him laying down, they can walk slowly, glassing valleys and hillsides, they can spot & stalk, or ride in “high racks” safari style that are built on top of pick up trucks and catch bucks in the rut feeding and circling Does. In some cases we also hunt over food plots and water holes which can be very effective.

The genetics of these deer are WIDE as you can see from the photos below. Both typical and non-typical genes are present. Success has been over 90% in bucks in the 175-240 class and each season multiple bucks are taken by the outfitters exceeding 215 inches B&C. Sonora hunts are expensive. The hunts are priced accordingly so we can accept a limited number of hunters each year and maintain the quality of the herd and integrity of the leases or owned we operate on.

December is good hunting as you have the “first crack” at new bucks for that season. The rut runs in early to mid January and can run as late as the first week in February. Hunting can be conducted through mid
February on some limited special permits.

Our Sonora mule deer hunts currently run $16,900-$18,500 for trophy hunts.
These bucks generally score 180 – 210+

Our management hunts are $10,900 and can be 2×2, 3×2, 3×3, 4×3’s
and in some limited cases 4×4

Desert bighorn sheep

Sonora free range, fair chase, wild, native Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt 400,000 acre private ranch with virtually the entire mountain range “inside” No competition, no pressure, 4 -5 tags per year, 450+ sheep on the mountain. No high fences, no released sheep, no transplants- just native wild sheep !

Sonora has the largest Desert Bighorn in the world and the highest concentrations and population of sheep. Riata offers it’s clients an experience unmatched in the industry. We believe this is the best Desert Bighorn country in Sonora and the finest Desert Bighorn hunt in the world. We process your gun permit right here in our office. We have a certified full time biologist on the ranch who works with the Mexican government and has for over 20 years on our licences, permits and tags.

You’ll receive your permit months in advance. Our team scouts well in advance of your arrival for target rams. You’ll fly to Tucson where we meet you. You’ll ride with us to the ranch in our late model crew cab trucks and glass sheep with our team. When we arrive you’ll stay in our nice comfortable lodge with SAT TV and WIFI. Our culinary chef will prepare your meals. Our cleaning lady will tidy your room each day. Each year we book 4-5 clients for Desert Sheep in Sonora. We have been 100% harvest success on rifle hunts on sheep in the 162-186+ class for over 8 years , and some larger. Hunts are generally at 4900-7000 feet elevation in the Sierra Chino Mountains.

Rate: Bighorn
$59,500 + license & gun permit

Dates: We can hunt sheep Nov 22nd – March 30

Riata co- founder and President Mike Gardner accompanies and co-guides many clients on these hunts. He is pictured above “on the mountain” with client Todd Hughes and his 183 class sheep. We have never had a client not harvest his ram. We take great personal pride in this hunt. Booking reservation deposits are $20,000 down by check, wire transfer or credit card. Credit cards incur a 3.9% admin courtesy fee. We provide a gear list, travel info, license & permit form and other pertinent docs. We provide a signed booking agreement and receipts for payments. Client Robert R. from Ontario and his 166BC ram taken Jan 11, 2020.

Your welcome at our fire anytime.

Coues deer hunting

We take Boone & Crockett Coues every year.
We have a dedicated 400,000 acres for Coues and we only harvest 10 per year!
No pressure! High end trophies! We glass mountainsides and sit over water holes.
5 day guided Coues hunt $7,950 all inclusive