Mountain Goat

Our mountain goat hunts span from the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska. We offer over 15 years of facilitating clients on mountain goat hunts. 

We offer horseback hunts, backpack hunts and our famous “ yacht hunts” where clients harvest goats right above the beach in Alaska. Yes that’s correct!  No tents here on the yacht hunts. A warm bed, hot shower, great meals on the yacht, movies at night  and a much lower, physical climb than traditional goat hunts.

Our British Columbia, Kodiak Island Alaska hunts and Yukon hunts take place from base lodges and tented or trappers cabin camps. We have a 90%+ success rate on our goat hunts.
We glass goats on mountainsides, do our best to field judge them and when a trophy is spotted the climb and stalk is on!In many camps horses are a big help!
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