Policies & Procedures



All monies received are non-refundable. We suggest third-party travel cancellation insurance in the event that you cannot make your trip. A link or contact number to one notable carrier is available on the Riata website homepage. Meat processing and taxidermy are not included in the cost of your hunt. The paperwork required to ship your trophy and meat is done by an independent taxidermist. This is done at the client’s expense. Please inform us well in advance if you plan to take your meat home. We do not process meat so processing will be the client’s responsibility.


Trophy fees are due on all wounded game.


Whereas the parties hereto acknowledge that an expedition for the purpose of hunting wildlife is or can be a dangerous or hazardous venture, and further acknowledge that any person or persons undertaking a venture such as this assumes a dangerous risk which includes a far greater scope of risk than ordinary risk. 

Riata Worldwide Hunting Ranches & Outdoors, LLC, nor its agents or outfitters of the sports outlined in this contract, act only as agents and servants on behalf of the client and outfitters and lodges for all services offered and disclaim any and all liability for property loss or damage, and for any and all damage resulting from death or personal injury. Riata Hunting Ranches & Outdoors  is not liable for  loss of services which may be sustained on any account of any act of God, death, or outfitter death or negligence and failure to delay due to any causes whatsoever occurring during the the hunt or trip including but not limited to weather delays, season closures, lost luggage, business closure or failed business by the outfitter or lodge, death of the outfitter or lodge, customs or border crossings issues, or licenses and permits issues. All deposits and payments from clients and all tickets, coupons, and orders are issued subject to these terms and conditions under which the means of transportation or services provided thereby are offered or supplied by owners, operators or public or private carriers from whom Riata Hunting Ranches acts solely as agents. Monies received are non refundable. Trips are non-cancellable & non-returnable. Trips may not be “ carried over” to subsequent later dates. In some special cases client may place a person in someone else’s spot on the trip without penalty. If Riata works on clients behalf to resell a trip and rebook it and fill a cancellation, a minimum of a 20% rebooking fee will apply. There are no guarantees a trip can be resold. 

Cancellation insurance is available on the date of booking only, and is highly recommended. Info is on Riata website. 
All deposits and payments to Riata are non refundable.  In the unlikely event of an increase in the rate of the hunt greater than 10%  (except government fees) beyond Riata Hunting Ranches control, you will be notified and given the option to accept the new price or reject it and receive a refund of your deposit and payments. Any and all Government fees and licensees and permits and taxes are subject to change.  Any Riata approved “push outs” will incur a 20% fee. Any requests for change of date must be received in writing 120 days in advance of trip date. We do not guarantee we can change a trip date.  Riata Hunting Ranches & Outdoors, LLC reserves the right to use any photos submitted to us by you or the outfitter or agent for our marketing material, advertising, articles and publications, its website(s), brochures, trade shows and catalogs.