5000 acre Webb county South Texas ranch

South Texas 5K  Ranch- Catarina, Texas.
NW Webb county 10 miles south of Catarina 

5000 free range,fair chase  acres Webb county bordering 130,000 acre ranch 180 3/8 B&C and 173 B&C harvested in 2019  


Gold trophy hunt 

Our gold trophy hunt starts at B&C of 155-170 and are $8500 +  $100/inch over 170. 

IE: a  180 class Boone & Crockett buck would cost you $9500  and so on. 

Rate: $8500 per hunter 

Silver trophy hunt 

We have a few upper end management hunts for 140-154 class deer every year that are depending on the score of the particular deer. 

$4950-$5950 per hunter 

Bronze trophy hunt 

Management hunts are for those bucks being 9 pointers or less and 140 Boone & Crockett or less. A few older 10 pointers that could possibly be harvested as well.

$3950 per hunter